Animals seen on rivers in the north of Canada

Rafting the Firth and Tatshenshini this summer was an amazing time. Using a Canon 90D with a 300mm F4 lens it was possible to capture a few of the animals, bugs, and bird life we saw.

Enjoy the images below,

Peregrine Falcon

Peregrine Falcon on the Firth River

Porcupine Caribou on the Firth River

Baby Merganser in an eddy on the Firth River

Dall Sheep (Ovis Dalli) on the Firth River

Bald Eagle among the cotton grass ( Sedge Family) on the Firth River

Raptors on the cliffs of the Firth River

Muskox (Bovidae family) on the banks of the Firth River

Came across a herd on the banks of the Firth River as we were in the Delta Reach of the river. Fantastic to see them so close

Ptarmigan bolted along as we got close during a walk

Porcupine Caribou heading out of the Delta reach as we head to Nunaluk spit

Kingfisher (Belted) 11-14inch and wingspan of 19-23inch on the banks of the Tatshenshini

Trumpeter Swan with an orange head and neck due to iron-rich waters and mud where they forage on the Tatshenshini

Clouded Sulphur Butterfly

Grizzly Mom and Cub cruise along the Tatshenshini across the river from Camp at Melt Creek

Very cool to see bears in their natural habitat

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