Rafting in the beautiful north

Each summer the opportunity comes up with a chance to travel into the north of the Yukon. To guide river trips with folks from around the world. This year was no different. 5 weeks were spent guiding trips on the Firth River in Ivvivak national park as well as spending some time around Whitehorse, then over on the Tatshenshini River near Dalton Post.

These trips take place in many different environments. The Firth is north of the Arctic Circle and has non-glaciated terrain, as well as being a fly-in / fly-out trip. The Tatshenshini flows through big glaciated valleys, especially as you move out of the Yukon and approach Alaska. Also, it is a drive to the river and fly back from the take-out.

I have uploaded a few photos from each region and will be doing separate posts on each river.


The Tatshenshini

You can check out these trips and more at https://nahanni.com

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