Zanskar River Video Teaser

Zanskar River

Ramdung Monastery and Rainbow, 13'000ft

This past August I arrived in Leh, Ladakh in the anticipation of getting on a couple Zanskar trips. That plan abruptly changed on the night of August 5th when a cloud burst over the mountains outside of Leh. Bridges were destroyed, homes disappeared, peoples lives were lost. Leh changed in an instant. We spent around twenty days up in Leh and as we did we saw the bridges get fixed, the roads become open. Which in this area is an amazing feat. There were candle light walks and music played  to bring awarness and raise money to the villages outside of the Leh that had been damaged or destroyed in the flood.

After 20 days we were able to get one group out to Kargil and then on the road to the Mighty Zanskar river. Spending time in Ramdung and then out to the put in at Remala we experinced rain, snow, frezzing cold, and finally 6 days of sun. Great times and a good level on the river.

 Below is a short run of a longer project on the paddling in India. Will be produced in the sping of 2011.

Zanskar and Indus Confluence

Rafting into Karsa

Dinner by Lantren at Karsa


3 Responses

  1. Fantastic stuff Dave !

    Great choice of the soundtrack – makes it fun watching. Am quite impressed with the footage, thought videos taken by kayakers from their helmet cams wouldbe all shaky, this seems steady like a hand held.

    will wait to see more !

  2. Lisa, That would be a fun flight. All the best to you guys.
    Avilash thanks for checking it out. Yeah the thing works like a charm. Need to working on the fogging.
    See you up in Camp or in Delhi.

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