When you have some free time – do some river rescue training

I spent a couple of days this past week with a friend and the curriculum director for Raven Rescue on an advanced SRT course. Worked some skills and got to meet some good people. Practiced scenarios and rescue situations. Worked on some ingress skills with rappel setups, then did a rappel down a 180 ft section of a waterfall. Good learning all around.

Working a boat rescue to retrieve a patient
Heading down a waterfall after setting lines, with backups. A asap, a clutch, on two lines to rappel 180ft.
Rainbows on a rappel during a Raven Advanced SRT course. Very good learning opportunities.
Good gear to stay dry during WW adentures. Support by @ Northwest River Supply #NRS # NRSambassador

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  1. Thanks Dave. Always a good reminder to keep this up. Especially doing a more technical course as well.

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