Upper Misahualli – Ecuador – El Reten

While in Ecuador, I was able to get on this section a number of times, at a variety of water levels. We paddled from the foot bridge at Cotundo down to the Kayaker Hostal of Oso Perezoso at different times. My first day we had a ton of rain and lighting during our first lap down the Upper into the Middle Misahullai. While having a beer at Oso Perezoso the river came up a couple of feet. So myself and Lau headed back up for another lap. That was a excellent day of kayaking. With it’s close location to Tena it made for a great run. The river also has boulder gardens that dreams are made of.

Enjoy the pictures from a couple different runs below.

Simon Gibson at the Put in below the foot bridge of Cotundo

Jordan pretty stoked

Chris Ryman leading the way on the El reten section of the Misahualli

Nathan coming through

Jon digging deep

Chris with a sweet rock slide to boof

Simon on point with Jule and Lau in the back ground

Jon focused

Jules landing a boof

Simon taking a break from giving rides with the locals

One of the Local kids. Amazing swimmers and loved hanging out on the kayaks.

Into the Jungle

Kayakers eddyed out 

Kayakers in a line, loved this section of drops.

Chris in his classic hero, style points for the camera.

Looking upstream from the take out on the Upper Misahualli

A pilsener after a good day on the river at Area 51. Good times.

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