Upper Browns River


At the beginning of January I had the opportunity to get out on the Upper Browns river with Joe and Gillian Box. This is a seldom paddled river up in the Comox Valley.
This is a bit of a mission depending on the water level and good to do once and awhile. On this day we had a nice flow of 12-14cms.
We met up and stopped off at Kevin Lewis’s place on the Browns River. The nice thing is you can take creek boats from the top and then switch to play boats for the last little bit down to the Puntledge river for big water play.
The drive to the put in is paved till you get to the base of forbidden ski hill, from there it is a bit more convoluted. Some washed out spots here and there. Though my Honda accord did make it up with only a few bumps.
We put in at the base of the Medicine Bowls, there is a portage shortly after this around a nasty slot. In January when we paddled there was a tree in the middle of this drop. It is basically the first corner you come to. Essentially 150m after putting on.
There are three drops near the top and then 6kms of fairly continuous class 3 – 3+. After switching to play boats we headed on down stream running the small falls on the Browns before meeting up with the high water puntledge.
Something interesting about going from 14cms to 350cms. The Puntledge was charging. In the trees and rippin along. This would be a quick trip down to the end.

Enjoy the photos.



© 2010 Dave Prothero Photography/ Rafting Life


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