The Tons River Valley.

Future Raft Guide?

Rafting down the Top section of the Tons River.

Coming through “C” rapid by the town of Mori.

Kahan Singh, The cruising safety boater.

Typical House and Fields.

In the western part of the State of Uttranchal there is a beautiful valley, forested in pine trees, rhodendrans, birch and oak trees. This part of of the state is called Uttrakashi and the valley is formed by the Tons river, which in turns almost forms the border with Himanchal Pradesh.
Kieran, Eliane, and myself arrived at the beginning of May, quite happy to get away from the burning heat of the Ganges river valley. It was nice to arrive at a cooler location. With camp bordering on Lunagard creek there were swimming holes near by.

Picture of Camp Lunagard.

Our normal day run was about 15kms long. Good enough with some grade 3-4 at high flows and grade 2-3+ at lower flows. Keep things interesting for the clients we had and for the groups of Idiscovery kids that we took down the river. There was also lots of kayaking in the area. As I mentioned earlier Above and below where we raft there is some good grade 3-5 boating. Depending where you run and which river you are on.
One of the other things I loved about this valley was the people. They were great. Always smiling and happy. The family where we put in on the Tons always showed up and helped carry down the gear to the river. Probably one or two of them will be future river guides one day. I still remember the day when about 8 of them put my kayak on there heads and carried it down to the water. Awesome.

One of the young helpers carrying the oars down to the river.

Mr. Rana heading through the boulders.


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