The Subansari River

Arunachal Pradesh, December 2010

Another river in Arunachal. This is just an amzaing place and the group got to spend 9 days on the river. It was fantastic with sun, rum, and beautiful rapids.

Campfire enjoyment

We had just finished up the Brahmaputra before driving off to the next valley over to set up for the next group of clients flying in the same day. We would get to camp and set up the day before they arrived. It was going to be an exciting trip, a whole new section was going to get rafted. The drive itself was nice, except for the one little hole in the wall restaurant we stopped for lunch one day.


Into it, Swim Team Crew

Greeting guests in a tie and getting them settled for the first few days of high adventure on a new section of river that hadn’t been rafted before was exciting. There was lots to do, but before you knew it soup was being served and drinks were being enjoyed, dinner then rest for the exciting days ahead.

The Peaps relaxing at various points on the trip

The days were actioned packed as we headed down the river. It was lots of fun scouting horizon lines and watching the rafts charge down after giving the green light to go. There were some nice lines, some interesting lines and some swimming which all lead to smiles.


Bamboo boating

The camps along the river are nice, the first couple of days we stayed under tarps and then once we got to bigger beaches we had a bit more room. So out came a few tents, however some of the clients now enjoyed the open air and stayed out under the tarps. Great views abounded of starlit sky’s lighting us from overhead.

Locals on the river

The rapids on the first couple of days were quite entertaining and lots of fun to run. One of the more continous sections that the company does in India. There was some good scouting, one portage, though Kana Singh ran the Cataraft through. He had a great line. During the trip few others were seen, the ones we did see were in one town we went through or in boats heading out on fishing trips like below.


Locals travelling up the river.

There were some great cups of chai shared and a fair amount of rum drank. It is a shame the dam is being put in, however it is a number of years away from completion so you should get out there while you can.


Dam being built at the end of the Subansari

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