Taravo river, Corsica

Local Post Office

Map of the Valley






















Located in south eastern Corsica is a gem of a river. It was to be my first river in Corsica, we had arrived to very low levels around the island and were checking in with a number of people to find out what was running. The Taravo seemed like a great option.

Put in Downtown for the Taravo

We hooked up with Tim and Myself hooked up with a group of French paddlers to run down this river. Raphael comes over to Corsica every year and provided great info on lines. It was nice to paddle with him as I hadn’t seen him since Chile in 2008.

The Ist Canyon Section

The river was low but runs through some great bed rock which provided some fantastic drops chutes through some small canyons. The rock in these canyons was reddish colour, which made for some great photos.

Rapahel on one of the drops in the 2nd Canyon section

Overall it was a very enjoyable paddle.











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