Skutz Falls – Cowichan River


This past weekend got out for a couple of runs on the Cowichan river. Super fun run with the UVIC kayak club and another run the next day after spending the evening with my friend Craig having a wee bit of scotch and good conversation.

The Cowichan river has a few different sections and on both days I ran the main run through Marie Canyon. The 2nd day we lapped Skutz Falls a few times. This goes at levels from 7cms and up depending on the paddler. The photos below are from 53cms.

Had some excellent light which made for good times with the camera. I was using a 50mm lens which brought some of the action in nice and close.

Skutz Falls is a waterfall on the Cowichan River on Vancouver IslandBritish ColumbiaCanada.[1][2] It is located just above Marie Canyon. The name was originally Skwets or Squitz, meaning “waterfall” in the Cowichan dialect of Halkomelem.

When salmon are spawning, people come to the falls to see them climb up the fish ladders that were built beside the falls. Prior to the building of the fish ladder, the falls, which resemble steep rapids dropping about 20 feet, were a barrier for all fish. (Source Wikipedia)

The canyon is named for Marie Adelaide, Viscountess Willingdon, C.I., G.B.E. (wife of the then-Governor-General of Canada), commemorating her canoe trip from Cowichan Lake down the Cowichan River to Duncan on April 7, 1930. (Source Wikipedia)

Enjoy the Photos,

Graham Litman hiking backup

Graham pretty stoked with kayaking.

Kevin Frank Heading for another lap.

Matt Feagan mid Skutz Falls

Malkolm Boothroyd going down Skutz Falls sans paddle #handpaddlelife

Graham Litman lining up the last part of the puzzle

Graham on line

Kevin coming through Skutz

About to go deep

The Resurface 

Erin Woodley #1

Erin Woodley #2 #Focus

Erin Woodley #3

Erin Woodley #4 #resurface

Erin Woodley #5 #stoke

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