Puntledge Paddle and Award

VIWPS giving BC Hydro a Nice Plaque

Met up with Shayne today to give a Plaque to BC Hydro for the water use planning that VIWPS and they with the Comptroller of water rights has been involved in. It has been darn fantastic, we took a photo down by the river with the Puntledge heading out to the ocean in the Background.

Afterwards, myself and Shayne took advantage of the water being released this week and weekend to go and run the upper section on the Puntledge river. I am waiting for some footage of this from Small World Adventures, who were filming with GoPro HD Hero’s. Should be good.

The Upper Section is amazing. You do a short walk to the put-in and then drop down 3 slides between 40-90ft in length before getting to Nymph falls. Quite a horizon line at this one, over 450ft across. Good to know where you are going as there are some trees and fish ladders on river right to mid stream. Aim for the Island. Then is Nymph Falls, An amazing 250ft slide with a bit of a kicker in the middle. The whole thing looks very cool when you look back upstream.

From there it is another couple of kms down to Stotan Falls. This was the interesting part for Shayne and Me. Today we took a left route… turned out not such a great idea as it is totally clogged in logs. We started to bush bash to the right… again not such a good idea. Would of taken us ages. We took the Mt Biker trail to the left that made for easier walking, however it did add half an hour to our time. At least we do know what is down the left channel above Stotan Falls. So when wondering what is down there and you go… walk the left.. much easier.

Arriving at Stotan falls you see a mist covered horizon line on river left below the bridge. Entering under the left side of the bridge aim out past the waves to the wonderful kicker wave at the lip, a slight angle change and a solid boof stroke sends you flying through the air, landing upright at the base of a beautiful 18ft drop. Now this is a long rapid, you have a bit of time, avoid the two holes below this head a bit toward river left, gets a bit shallow and spills toward river right. Don’t want to go that way as there is a fish ladder there. From below the two holes line up about thirty feet off the river left shore and prepare for another 16ft waterfall, then down a 90ft slide. Then you are done and on towards the lovely class 3 – 3+ play run. Great times.

Lovely paddling in June.

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