Nayar River, India

Narya River

So I had been trying to get kayaking for a few days, I had the target of theNarya river located close by Rishikesh as the destination. Ram and myself managed to hook up and set out for the mission.

After arranging for a ride we made it to the put in and set off down a very nice Class 3 run. I had previously run this 3 years ago with a lot less water so it was much nicer this time, check out the old post here. The Gopro helmet cam once again preformed very well. Tried out some new filming techniques as well.

This like so many other rivers in Uttarakhand is under the proposal of hydro power, so if you are in the area it is a fun paddle and you get some big volume paddling on the Ganga river at the end.

Enjoy the movie.

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