Millstone River, Nanaimo, BC

The rain was pounding down, it was one of the first big storms of the winter season that arrives to Vancouver Island every year. This year it was a bit later than normal. The calls went out. The Millstone was flowing. That it only runs when everything else is super high. The plans were made a group of 4 set off to have some fun.

It is located in Bowen Park in downtown Nanaimo. It was where Corey, Daniel, Steve and myself spent three hours walking, dropping off the 15ft two stage waterfall, running the slides above and below the waterfall. All told we ran the falls ten times each, Corey and myself ran it together. He ran far left and I ran the middle made for a good synch boof.

There was some nice whitewater above it as well. Only had to avoid a few pumpkins that had been thrown in the river. We seal launched in below a convoluted slot down to a 3ft boof, before running a 40ft slide, followed by a 6ft drop and then another slide. It was pretty fun especially considering that we were in the midst of a urban city.

Enjoy the pictures.

Parking Lot Drysuit Repairs

Steve Johnson on the 2nd Tier of Duck Pond Falls

Steve on Safety

Corey checking out the bushes below the falls

Daniel plugging the left side

The Launch

Airborne Corey

Would never know you were in a downtown centre, Nanaimo, Vancouver Island


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