Little Qualicum with Garrett Quinn


Last Thursday Garrett had posted on the VIWPS Facebook group about paddling the lower three drops on the Little Qualicum river. He wanted to go at 1pm and with a meeting finishing, for myself, at 1230pm I said I could meet him around 145pm. The time was set and it was a go! 🙂

Little Qualicum river has a couple of different sections, the Lower is a playboat run with a bit of adventure to it. Then there is the main even which is a 8ft to a 20 odd ft drop to a 30 odd ft drop. A lot of paddlers seal launch in just below the 8ft drop. Can check out a couple of links to recent runs here and a full run here.

Below this is a 10/12ft drop a 15ft drop and another 10ft drop. The variations in height happen with the lower flows. We were in there on the low side, for sure.

Enjoy a few photos below of Garrett and myself running some of the rapids. Three of the photos by Dean Degraff. Cheers for sending those in.

Garrett getting ready #safetyfirst

Hiking in to the river #snowday

Garrett having a look at the big drop #sunlighandsnow Author and Photographer running the first of the three drops. Photo by Dean Degraff

Lining up the middle drop

Sending off the middle drop #riversedgeview

Sending off the Middle Drop #Rivertrailview Photo by Dean Degraff

Garrett and the Rainbow Author and Photographer Dave Prothero on the Middle drop. Photo by Dean Degraff

Garrett coming in hot #fullsend 

Midair Little Qualicum #lowerthree

Stoked with the day

Looking back up stream at the last drop of the run. Super fun times. #vancouverisland 

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