Lens Creek, Vancouver Island

The Lens

Last weekend the flows were running good enough to get in a trip to Lens Creek. This is an absolutely fabulous run. Setting stuff up with Jakub Drnec and Joe Box. I left Comox at 7:30am, knowing it would be a long day with great returns.
With great music and my trusty Honda Accord the drive went fairly smoothly. A couple of stops for good coffee. Met up with the lads at the Park and Ride on the North Cowichan turn off.
From there we drove out into the San Juan Peninsula heading down the Harris main and then into the woods on the Lens Creek Main. First down the West Main which we discover is closed. Boy was it ever, logs and a big ditch. No Passable way through. From there we took the East, which was in fairly good condition. We made it on to the river by 1:00pm.
The Put-in was a nice spot to enjoy a nice little rapid. The action starts downstream a little ways where you drop into the first Canyon. This one is pretty short with only a handful of rapids. We had good flows with the rock at the put in being almost covered.
This provided great action in the second canyon. This is where the goodies are. Loads of sweet rapids with a bit of mank. Had some great light for photography. As Joe said ” there is always sun on the lens”. It made for a four or so hour day on the river with a nice float out in the end.

Jakub finishing up Stairway to Hell. This section would be difficult to portage and once through this drop the next would be very intertesting if you couldn’t run it as you are in a vertical Canyon.

Jakub looking back up toward the waterfall on the Lens. Looked great at this level. Nice and deep where we jumped in. A couple of more drops from here.
© Dave Prothero Photography/ Rafting Life

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  1. Nice work David. There's a couple Gill and I need copies of. That one of me (after rolling) on Stairway: Gorgeous.

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