Kali/Sarda River 2007

Enjoying the campfire on the Kali/Sarda River Expedition.
The Kali/Sarda River
On the morning of the 26th we meet our clients at the train station in Kathgodam. From here it would be a day and half of driving to get to the put in at Jauljibi. We had an overnight stop at Pithoragarh, during this time there where a few stops for chai, food and good views.
The Kali/Sarda river forms the border between India and Nepal. At our put in we organized our clients and gear for the trip. We would be spending the next 6 days on the river, running over 125kms downstream. On the 2nd day we pass the last town that we would see at Jhulaghat where we picked up a few supplies.
From then on the nearest road would be 4-6 hours walk away. We managed to get some pumpkins form the Chooka village to celebrate Halloween in style, complete with some glow stick poi spinning.
I had a boatload of boys from Chennai, which is located in south India. During the afternoon and evenings lots of games took place. From Frisbee, though one was given to the river gods, fastball, multiple games of charades and, of course, Cricket. Patrick declared himself bartender early on in the trip, so we had a working bartender and lots of campfires.
It was a memorable trip on the river. Loads of fun and had great weather the whole way down.
Enjoy the photos.
Playing life size chess at one of the breakfast stops.
Some nice views.
On the way to the river in the morning, the per usual chai stop.
Some local kids at one of the camps.
Mid way through the trip is the perfect shower…..
a little waterfall hidden away from the beach.

On the Nepal side is a temple of bells.
Eli charging the meat.

Truck and trailer through the waves.
Sunset at the Chooka village.
The boys working hard.

Celebrating Halloween on the banks of the Kali.

Kim Hartlin rowing in to check out the cool rock formations.
Pepper and Jody floating along.
Anvesh in one of the many rapids.
Photos by David Prothero
Whitewater shots by James McManus


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