Happy New Year from Rafting Life

Adios 2011

Another year past, but what a year. There has been lots going on. After returning from India in January there has been a lot of kayaking happening. It has been great to met up with friends old and new over the past year. There have been a number of great missions had. This year was a banner year for paddling on the Island. There wasn’t a single month that we didn’t have water. Also got down some epic sections this past year.

Highlights –

The Puntledge Festival in May.

Paddling the Alpine Browns – with the boys during the festival

Paddling the Lens with the PNW lads

The Upper Nanaimo – A Classic

Running Piggiot Creek with Shayne Vollmers and Steve Johnson

Gold River 1 day mission ( double run on the Heber and the 11 paddlers on the Upper Gold)

Upper, Upper and monkey canyon run on the Gold

Multiple runs on the Puntledge River – Summer runs even.

Two runs down the Nimpkish with Spring and Fall COLT groups. Awesome times and great groups.

Thanks to everyone that was out there on the rivers. Always so much fun exploring, hanging out, meeting and seeing where the river takes us.


Looking forward to paddling more and exploring some new areas in 2012. Hope to see you out there. All the best into 2012.


Stay wet and paddle safe 



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