Gold River Day

When you go to the town of Gold River, there are a few options of what to paddle. After a number of txts were exchanged the previous afternoon and evening the plan was sorted. Paddlers coming from Cowichan area, Nanaimo, Courtenay, and Campbell river. We were to meet at Star lake and scout out the water level of the Pamela and the Ucona rivers first. Unfortunately they were a tad too low for paddling. The Plan was then made to head to the Lower Neber river which drains into the Gold Driver. The nice thing about this river is that the shuttle is relatively short, on pavement to the put in and take out.

The Heber was inticing and loads of fun. Lots of boat scouting, a quick portage through a hole in the canyon wall as we dropped toward the main event in the 2nd canyon. After a scout of that drop, Joe, followed by Harold and Steve paddled through as I took photos from a variety of different locations.

After wrapping up our shuttle we headed off to the East rd and headed to the Upper Upper and Monkey canyon of the Gold River. The level was on the low side but managed to provide quite a bit of excitment, some challenges and loads of rapids with a beautiful canyon surrounding us.

Gold River delivered the goods once again.

Enjoy the Photos below.

The Put In

Harold Preparing For Launch

Joe waiting below

Seal Launch

Harold Up For A Surf

Joe Enters the Flow As Harold Watches On

The Boof

Harold in Deep

Steve launching into the Lower Heber

Harold getting set above the Notch on the Upper Upper Gold

Steve on the Notch, Upper Upper Gold

Joe Coming toward the Notch

Joe giving Directions to Harold


Digging in

The Stoke

Joe in the Midst of it, Upper Upper Gold

Harold waiting at the Entrance to the Monkey Canyon

Joe Proceeding down to the Last Eddy before Monkey Canyon

Steve on Point

Looking back to the Notch where the whole Gold River Pours through. Had a bit of wood that may or may not of been avoidable.

Instead we did the Boat throw and Jump

Joe on the Biggest rapid in Monkey Canyon

Same for Steve

Here comes Harold

Thanks for the excellent day. Look forward to the next adventure in Gold River.



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  1. Cheers Jason, Any time you come down to the island. It would be great to get out for a paddle.

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