Day in Gold River

After sending a variety of txt messages over the saturday evening. The plan was to meet in Gold River at 9:30am at the local gas station, as luck would have we all arrived at the same time. We based out of the local sports area at the confluence to the Heber and Gold rivers. This made the shuttle two the different rivers less than ten kms of driving, only one of them with some dirt. This being a bit of a rarity on Vancouver Island.

We headed up to the Heber river first and were able to make our way down with some scouting and photo opportunities. Some great lines. Good boofs at this level, the entrance to the 2nd canyon was one of my favorite moves.

After a stop for lunch we rallied up to the Upper section of the Gold river. The Gold was running around 140/150cms and this provided some great opportunites for boofs and fun levels amongst the boulder garders. The main part of the run is through Tombstone and Guillotine before the Gold heads through a small notch into a amphitheatre.We continued down the middle section of the Gold arriving back at the confluence with the Heber.

We decided to do one more lap of the Heber… This took the group a total of 40mins including the portage above slide to boof. Was great to run the river at at rapid pace.

After the day on the river we headed to The Ridge Pub for a beer, and the half time show. Grabbed some gas at the local station before the drive back to the Comox Valley.

A great day out,


Paul at the put in to the Heber


The lads on one of the rapids above the Portage on the Heber


Looking downstream


Jason Zrum seal launching back into the river after the portage


Jason coming down to Slide to Boof


On the scout


Love the canyon on the Heber



Lawrence on the sweet line at Slide to Boof




Chris taking the fun line


Jason coming down the main event on the 2nd canyon of the Heber


Jeff on the last bit of Slide to Boof




Hanging at the waterfall


2 Responses

  1. wow! These pics capture so much. First, the action in the pictures- it made me feel like I was right there watching. I especially liked your sweet line and fun line shots on the boof. The thrill in the shots give me a strong urge to want to take up the sport! Second, I had No idea it was so beautiful up there. I don’t think I have ever seen pictures of the canyon or waterfalls – and seeing it through your lens is like being there!

  2. Thanks Kat, It’s a great place to go kayaking and love capturing photos from this area

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