Canadian Whitewater River Log

Found this site the other day. Check it out to keep track of where you are paddling and letting others know. Click on the link at the bottom to register.

Welcome to Canadian Whitewater’s new River Log tracking and reporting tool.  The tool is designed to create a centralized repository of river use information.  The recent privatization and industrialization of our rivers as well as changes to the Navigatable Waters Protection Act have necessitated the creation of this resource.  It will provide us a better method for tracking and recording river use and ensure recreational values are protected.

The project is fully open source and we will work with other websites or groups to allow alternate access to this framework.

There are two areas of the site:

River Log Entry – A place to input the details of your latest outing.

River Log Reporting – A place to view the river log and check out what’s been paddled.  You can also subscribe to the reporting via RSS to link it with your website or RSS reader.

You do not need to register to add a report on an existing river.  However registered and logged in users will also be able to add a new river to rivers database.  This system allows us to keep the log entries organized and avoid duplication for better reporting.


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