Adventures on the River with COLT

Spending time on the river with people is a great thing. Over the past couple of months, with co instuctors Julia, Laurel and Ian, I have had the good times of teaching the latest group of colties the pleasure of WW kayaking.

I share a few photos of that experince to share the joy that ww kayaking brings to the people involved in whitewater. Wether it be kayaking, canoeing or rafting or travel by other crafts. The skills needed for this activity cross many relams and hope that these photos show this as people grow into different aspects of whitewater or moving current adventures.

Laurel and Ian at different points in Whitewater 1 and 2

Hugh making a carving turn below BFR on the Lower Gold River
Friendly Gold River residents
Johnny hitting the boof entrance on a eddy of the Lower Lower Gold river
Dani taking in some Bear viewing during the last day of WW kayak 2
Happy stuents with Co-Instructor Ian Odell – Fall Vancouver Island

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