A run down Callaghan Creek

Driving back to Whistler, I knew that the Callaghan river would be low but still good to go. Callaghan creek is situated in the Callaghan Valley, with Mount Callaghan at it’s head, to it’s south western edge Mount Caley and forming the eastren ridge is Mount Sproatt and Rainbow Mountain. Making for a truly amazing place to go paddling.

I was able to meet up with some old and new friends and head off for a run. With plans to paddle back to the campground, shuttle set we drove up the Callaghan road to put in. Alison, Denny, Annie, Dave and myself hiked in along the river right trail off the road. It was another sunny day of the trip. It was going to great lighting heading down the river.

Having worked in Whistler for a couple of summers and paddled the Callaghan a fair amount, it would be interesting to see how much I remembered. It was a great run down, remembered a few more lines then I thought. It was also interesting paddling it at a later time in the day. When working in Whistler, we paddled mostly before or after work. Good Times.

There were some great lines on the Callaghan and afterwards we headed off for a run on the Soo river. Thanks to the group.

Enjoy the photos from the day.

Denny Hiking in

Alison getting ready

At the first ledge, seal lauanching on the right

Annie seal launching the first ledge

relaxing in the morning sun

Denny below the 1st falls

Annie mid boof on the 1st falls

Alsion on the 1st falls

Looking back up stream above the 25ft falls

Denny on the 25ft falls

Annie on line on the main falls of the Callaghan

Alison after running the falls….. Missed the photo here. Didn’t hear the whistle and took my eye off the scene just for a second.

Dave about to land on the main falls of the Callaghan

Portaging ODB on the Callaghan

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