A Northern Summer – Tatshenshini

During the summer, I leave healthcare work for a little while and head to the Yukon. For the past three years I have been heading up in August, this year I decided to try July for a switch. It turned out to be a good switch as it lined up with some excellent weather. The Tatshenshini can have some wild weather especially as we get closer to Alaska. This year, however, was a bit different, we had sun and more sun (okay, three days of rain at the end of the first trip). This also meant that we had some high water and saw a few changes out there on the river.

It was great to share the river with the guides ( Brad and Lars) and the people that we get to share this incredible place for the 11 day trips that we are out there. We had great views and managed to see some wildlife. One of my favorite viewings was at Melt creek camp when we watched a bear across the river trying to find fish for about 1/2 a hour.

Below I have attached a few photos from the two different trips. Looking forward to the next summer of adventures already.



Coming out the Exit of the Canyon on day 2.

The View Downstream, handy map and Inreach for marking spots of interest.

Broken oar eddy below No moose ponds

Setting up camp at Sediments creek

Hiking up for a view

The Gangs All Here

Plant life gone wild

Looking down the valley, the Tatshenshini take a big turn to the right in the distance.

Checking the height at the top of our hike.

Electric fence up and rigged, day 5 camp

River Beauty

Dryas surround my camp spot

Kitchen with a view

River Beauty and the setting sun

Author Self portrait

Camp spot with a view and a half — looking toward Netland Glacier

The Crew wildlife viewing

Taking it all in


1st trip … see below

2nd trip with a fair amount more water

Sweet parking

Heading to Walker Glacier

High water heading to the Gateway Knob

Glacier Viewing

Hiding from the rain

The first trip did have some rain ….. great spirits

TL Brad soaking in some sun

The drive to the airport… Alaska Style

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