A look back at 2019

It was a good year. So many fun adventures from paddling in my hometown, to adventuring in the Yukon and down in the United States. Some education opportunities opened up and meet some really good people. It’s one of the things that i love about the river community, how amazing they are around sharing knowledge and being a joy on the river.

While the island has had some drier periods this year for sure. The days I have been out have been great and exploring the island rivers is always amazing. There is a great community of boaters here that get out and boat most of the fall, spring and winter. When the rivers are in, it is a truly magical place to kayak, canoe and raft.

I went off to the United States for a rafting course at Northwest Rafting and met some fantastic folks which led to some other adventures later in the year.

After some boating adventures including a trip to tashis with Garrett to explore around the area. The Cowichan Youth Kayak Festival with 48 youth paddlers. A Nimpkish trip into a Cape Scott trip with a couple of High School Groups. It was a bit of rafting time with trips on the Chilcotin with Big Canyon Adventures and a trip to the Yukon with Canadian River Expeditions.

After getting home it was a visit to Revelstoke for a paddling trip before heading off to Clinton, BC for some river safety and then another trip on the Chilcotin. After that it was a visit to see friends and join them down the Middle fork of the Salmon river in Idaho. Quite the fun journey.

Coming back to another season of teaching for the COLT program then heading out with school trips on the Global ROAMS program mixed in with some good kayaking including a trip to the states for a dam release on the Chelan and an advanced SRT course with Craig Gerrard via Raven Rescue made for an excellent fall session. This was amongst the 42nd driest year of moisture on Vancouver Island.

Looking Forward to more fun in 2020. Bring on the next year of adventures and learning. Thanks to all the Friends and support along the way. Hope to cross paths with you all again this coming year.

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