5 Favorite Whitewater Podcasts

Podcasts are pretty awesome and love hearing some of the different things that are happening in the whitewater world and ideas that different paddlers and others are doing.

  1. Hammer Factor – Through the medium of spoken word, The Hammer Factor helps our listeners learn from professionals and industry influencers since its launch in 2017.  Each week the show covers conservation issues, viewer mail, celebrity guests and everyone’s favorite rants and raves.  John Grace, Louis Geltman and John Weld offer listeners colorful banter from the sports core as well as an insider’s look into the athletes, expeditions, controversies and gear that makes whitewater paddling the most compelling category in outdoor sports

2. The Art of Awesome – Hosted by Nick Troutman

3. The Rivertalk Podcast – Hosted by Priscilla Macy, Erik Weiseth, and Zach Collier

4. Questions you never thought to ask – Hosted by Seth Ashworth

5. The Whitewater Discussion – Hosted by Max Clemencon

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